Confident Manager

How do we equip individuals to become confident managers?

Managers need to be equipped to do their critical role.

We’ve curated a set of topics that we are sure every manager needs to know about. A combination of self-guided learning, masterclasses and practical case studies helps participants gain the confidence they need to lead.

Without the right foundations, managers risk disengaging their teams and losing confidence in themselves.

Everyone needs the right foundations to perform.

Over a three-month period, participants complete assessments, join classes and collaborate on case studies that help them become confident managers to their teams.

Managers account for at least 70% of the difference in engagement between teams. So, investing in managers must be a top priority.

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What people are saying

Elina Lam-Gall
Director of Learning & Workforce Transformation, Public

The course was practical and offered tools and strategies which I was able to directly transfer.

Nicholas Lawrence
Director of Technology, CloudMargin

The results of the Manageable training are demonstrably effective.

Nicholas’ story
Alex Adderley
Business Analyst, Bike.Rent

The coaching sessions and platform have facilitated a journey of change for me.

Alex's Story
Akanksha Joshi
Senior Product Manager

The Manageable classes were unique as we discussed our real-life situations and how we can resolve issues.

Bruno Loch
Project Manager, Solivus

I hope Manageable will continue doing this great work and transform many more lives.

Seden Mutlu
Snr Operational Risk Manager, BlueBay Asset Management

I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in coachability.

Seden’s story
Etienne Bourdon
Co-founder & COO at Qumata

The program forces you to step back and review how to collaborate.

Etienne’s story
Barbara Gottardi
CEO, Wedlvr

I felt inspired by the quality of the Expert Coaches we worked with.

Barbara’s story
Paula Perrelli dos Anjos
Communication Consultant

My experience was very positive and I wished other people could explore coaching too.

Michaela Eschbach
Managing Director, F4S

The efficiency of the platform assisted me in applying all that I had learnt.

Michaela’s story
Chris Martlew
Research and Content Associate, Spoken

My coach was empathetic, engaged and well-equipped to help.

Chris’ story
Marelize Dau
Director, Asset TV

Some hard lessons realising that there is more than one way to do things!

Marelize’s story

Our promise to managers.

  • Develop insights into your current style of leading teams
  • Leverage your natural tendency to emulate role models
  • Enhance learning with the social power of peer groups
  • Create new habits through real practice, not role plays
  • Gain fulfilment by solving real-world challenges
  • Retain and improve skills through ongoing practice

We’re here to make it all manageable.

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