We’re here to give everyone at work the gift of a great manager, one nudge at a time.

Transforming managers into confident coaches to their teams is a high-stakes challenge. Practice is key.

Study after study confirms that the managers of the top-performing teams are effective coaches.

Managers who coach achieve higher productivity and levels of engagement with their teams, leading to significant advantage in terms of sales, profits, customer satisfaction, product quality and employee turnover.

In today's rapid and highly competitive world, being an effective coach is not optional anymore, it’s essential.

Practice is key

Coaching is a complex skill like speaking a language. It is best learned socially with lots of real practice. Creating the right learning conditions is hard. Using decades of experience and the science of what works, we've come up with a way that makes it manageable.

“I am a significantly better leader for my team after my Manageable experience”

Nicholas Lawrence,

Director of Technology, CloudMargin