Our story

Why do we exist?

We think managers should be coaches to their team. Why? Because of all the evidence that's been mounting. When it comes to the many challenges being faced by organisations, the research points to one key solution: the manager as coach.

We started Manageable to put coaching skills where they belong: in the leaders of teams. At the heart of organisations. If not today, tomorrow's leaders will be brilliant coaches first and foremost. If managers coach, everyone in organisations has access to coaching all the time.

This is equitable and will be good for everyone in your firm, and for the business metrics that matter. As a result of simultaneous nudges applied persistently by your managers, your teams - and the organisation as a whole - thrive.

We’re here to help every organisation achieve a seismic shift through managers, one nudge at a time.  

Meet some of our team

Farley Thomas
Co-Founder, CEO
Inken Thomas
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
Tomos Evans
Mia Liguori
Riya Pabari

Managable Perspectives:

Shawn Lee, Manager at a FinTech Scale Up and alum of Manageable, and Nikita Sharma, a research analyst at a learning and development organisation, share their perspectives on being coach and coachee partners through their Manageable Experience.

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