Our story

Here's a sentence you're unlikely to have read before:

We feel that the stellar growth of executive coaching is worrying.

Why? Because it tells us it isn't a core capability of leaders and managers throughout organisations. It's brought in from outside at great expense or it's a small function inside large organisations. And it tends to be for the privileged few. It isn't equitable.

Does this worry you too?

We started Manageable to put coaching skills where they belong: in the leaders of teams. At the heart of organisations. If not today, tomorrow's leaders will be brilliant coaches first and foremost. If managers coach, everyone in organisations has access to one. 

This is equitable and will be good for everyone in your firm, and for the business metrics that matter.

Founding Team

  • Farley Thomas

    Farley Thomas

    Founder and Coaching Mentor. Farley's a CEO coach and adviser. He's run global business units and functions at one of the world's biggest banks.

  • Ariane Rühl-Daguisé

    Ariane Rühl-Daguisé

    Coaching Mentor. Ariane is an executive coach working with leaders and their teams. Before this she held leadership positions in finance.

  • Ben Rowland

    Ben Rowland

    Business Development. Ben's an expert in improving customer propositions and helping firms build the capability of their people to deliver them.

  • Inken Thomas

    Inken Thomas

    Business Development. Inken co-founded a management consultancy working creatively with global clients. She has held global roles at Saatchi.

Who's helping us

  • Richard di Benedetto

    Richard di Benedetto

    Venture Advisor. Richard is CEO of Aetna International and a seasoned leader of global businesses.

  • Louis Warner

    Louis Warner

    Venture Advisor. Louis is COO of Founders Factory and an expert in scaling technology businesses.

  • The Network Lab

    The Network Lab

    Using organisational science and AI to create optimal peer-groups and coaching matches.

  • Ashridge


    Assessing the coaching style of members through the Coaching Behaviours Questionnaire.

  • Spoken


    Bringing global experts to our audience of leaders and managers.

  • Course Studio

    Course Studio

    Experts in tech-enabled learning, helping us to get the most from our globally scalable member platform.

  • Milkwood


    Co-creating integrative legal solutions so that we work constructively with our stakeholders.

  • The Oxford Review

    The Oxford Review

    Helping us stay at the cutting edge of global research on organisations and leadership.