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Tony Jamous, CEO & Founder of Oyster

Tony Jamous is the CEO and Founder of Osyter, the automated global employment platform that removes barriers to remote work and distributed hiring. Oyster is the second Unicorn that Tony has founded.

In this episode, Tony talks about:

  • What he means by sustainable leadership and what caused him to embrace it
  • Achieving higher performance without taxing yourself and others as much
  • Setting the bar high and being ready to be disappointed
  • When to use your heart rather than your brain
  • How he enables a fully remote organisation with people in 60+ countries
  • The importance of connecting in person at a deeper level with others in the team

Tony is passionate about empowering talented individuals from emerging economies through access to global career opportunities. Before launching Oyster with co-founder Jack Mardack in early 2020, Tony was the co-founder and CEO of Nexmo (now Vonage).

Oyster is a fully distributed organisation driven by the mission to create a more equal world of work. The platform enables people-centric hiring anywhere in the world with reliable, compliant contracts, payroll, and great local benefits and perks.