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Robert Pickering, Ex-CEO of Cazenove

What's a no-nonsense leadership style and how do incentives affect culture?

In this episode of Manageable Conversations, Robert Pickering, ex-CEO of Cazenove, the last independent British investment bank, talks about:

  • His no-nonsense leadership style and what helped him succeed as a leader
  • What CEOs should do above everything else
  • How he coped with challenging transitions
  • Ways in which incentives affect culture
  • How delegation and empowerment served him
  • Tips for managers to succeed with their teams

Robert joined Cazenove in 1985, having previously qualified as a solicitor with Allen & Overy. His recently published book, Blue Blood, is a first-hand account of Cazenove’s evolution during his time there.

Robert headed Cazenove's corporate finance department from 1998 and became the firm’s first chief executive in 2001, playing a key role in its development from a private stockbroking partnership into a leading investment bank and wealth manager. He negotiated and led the firm's highly successful joint-venture with JP Morgan before leaving the firm in 2008 to pursue a career as a consultant and non-executive director.