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Petra Felgen, Managing Director, CEWE UK & Ireland

In this episode of Manageable Conversations, Petra Felgen, Managing Director of CEWE UK and Ireland, talks about:

  • The importance of being challenged by your team
  • How management practices need to keep up with shifts in business strategy
  • Managing transitions from countries and roles within the same organisation
  • The opportunity and challenge of localisation vs globalisation
  • Engaging everyone in the process of innovation

Petra has spent nine years at CEWE, most of which as head of international marketing, based in the company's headquarters in Germany. Previously she spent 15 years in brand and marketing roles, including nine years at Saatchi & Saatchi.

CEWE is Europe’s leading photo printing company, headquartered in Germany. The Group operates across Europe, supplying award-winning products to retail partners in 21 countries.

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