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Luca Schnettler, CEO of Qumata

In this episode of Manageable Conversations, Luca Schnettler, CEO of Qumata, the Insurtech scaleup, talks about:

  • Bluntness as a sign of respect rather than rudeness
  • Owning your truth if you want to lead rather than be led
  • How an ecosystem of advisors helped him gain credibility
  • Dedication to hard work as the route to success
  • How failure showed him the importance of focus

In his late teens, Luca moved from Germany to the UK to study and ended up leaving university without a degree at the age of 19. He did this to found Qumata based on the conviction that entrepreneurship was the way for him to have an impact on the world. He has since raised $30m from investors who have backed him and the business.

Founded in 2017, Qumata is on a mission to transform insurance risk assessments with a faster way to access individual health risks. Its proprietary solutions are used by life and health insurers worldwide to help them create a faster, cheaper and more customer-centric underwriting journey.