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Ian Constance, CEO of the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK

Are you comfortable challenging others and being challenged in return? Ian Constance, CEO of Advanced Propulsion Centre UK, talks about this motto of his and why it's easy to say and hard to implement.

In this episode, Ian talks about:

  • Getting the best from people by not telling them what to do
  • Insights from working around the world, including China
  • Adapting from a global career at Ford to leading a small not-for-profit organisation
  • The importance of discipline in coping with the pressure of the role
  • What he learned about leadership from Alan Mulally, ex-CEO of Ford

Ian joined the Advanced Propulsion Centre as CEO in September 2015. Prior to this he worked with Ford Motor Company in Detroit, where he was most recently Global Chief Engineer for Large Cars. Ian has held positions globally in the automotive industry with over 25 years’ experience. Prior to working in the US, he spent six years at Ford’s Asia Pacific HQ, first in Bangkok and then in Shanghai. During an unprecedented period of growth and change in that part of the world, he was responsible for delivering many well-known Ford products into manufacturing plants, joint ventures and markets throughout the region.