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Graham Cooke, Founder and Ex-CEO of Qubit

Entrepreneur and FTSE100 Non Executive Director, Graham Cooke has been developing internet-based products for the past 20 years. He joined Google in 2005 as one of the earliest European employees working on the Google Ad Platform and Google Analytics. After Google, he founded Qubit, a leading SaaS company in the e-commerce space, providing AI-personalised shopping recommendations to over one billion users per month across more than 300 leading brands. He sold Qubit to Coveo Solutions in 2021 and remains a strategic advisor at Coveo.

In this episode, Graham charts the development of the latest iteration of the internet, which he's written about in his book called Web3: the end of business as usual. He argues it will entirely change how we come together to create products, content and services. He believes it will have massive implications for all managers. He also unpacks the value of user-centric design for organisations and teams, rather than just products.