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Chia-Lin Simmons, CEO of LogicMark

Chia-Lin Simmons is the CEO of LogicMark and an early leader in AI and IoT.

In this episode, Chia-Lin talks about:

  • What she means by her personal brand of ‘kindness leadership’
  • Being a futurist as part of managing career transitions
  • The value of code-switching and thinking like a startup and a large company
  • Why vision fit is more important to her than culture fit
  • Misunderstandings with AI and its human dimension
  • Finding time to focus on others and self-heal

As a tech veteran with more than 25 years of experience founding and leading companies (and working at places like Google, Samsung, AOL and Audible), Chia-Lin has helped rebrand and shift LogicMark to become a leader in the care economy.