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Charles Wookey, Ex-CEO of A Blueprint for Better Business

Charles is the founding CEO of A Blueprint for Better Business, an independent charity that acts as a catalyst for change in business. Blueprint helps businesses realise their true long term potential: to serve society, respect people, rediscover their purpose and thereby earn a fair and sustainable return for investors.

In this episode, Charles talks about:

  • Moving on as CEO
  • Ways in which he's improved as a leader
  • What it means to be a purpose-led organisation
  • How managers need to be with their teams
  • Managing change using Charles Handy's S-curve

Charles initially qualified as an accountant with KPMG in London. He moved to the House of Commons as Clerk to the Trade and Industry Select Committee and subsequently worked as senior research officer at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. He went on to become assistant general secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, where he was principal advisor to the Bishops on domestic public policy issues.