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Jennifer Nuckles, CEO at R-Zero

Jennifer Nuckles is Chairperson & CEO at R-Zero, the biosafety technology company dedicated to making indoor spaces safer, healthier and more productive.

In this episode, Jennifer talks about:

  • Being kind rather than nice
  • How Chief Marketing Officers can become CEOs
  • The danger of vanity metrics
  • Being a role model for her daughters
  • Playing to people's strengths
  • Getting out of your comfort zone

Jennifer has over 25 years of experience leading and accelerating revenue growth and profitability for companies including high-growth, venture-backed and public companies. Prior to R-Zero, Jennifer was Executive Vice President and Group Business Leader at SoFi, and Chief Marketing Officer of HealthTech leader Doctor on Demand and social gaming giant Zynga.

R-Zero combines the power of UV-C light, IoT-connected hardware and sensors, and AI to enable organisations to create safe shared environments for education, healthcare, corporate, and public sector communities to thrive.