The idea

The top-ranked skill of the best managers is a coaching style built on top of solid foundational capabilities. Coaching is a complex skill that's a lot like a language, best learned socially with lots of real practice. Creating the right learning conditions is hard. Using decades of experience and the science of what works, we've come up with a way that makes it manageable.

Manageable in 1 minute

The opportunity

Managers throughout the organisation have the single biggest influence on everyone's well-being and performance. And we know that the best performing and most engaged teams are led by managers with a coaching style that is built on solid foundations.

How many of your managers have the right foundations and habitually use a coaching style? We believe the answer should be 100%. Putting the foundations in place and ultimately transforming your managers and leaders into coaches to their teams represents a huge opportunity. This is the way to sustainably democratise coaching, making it equitably available to all, rather than a privileged few.

It is one thing to buy into this, as most progressive firms and leaders do. It is another thing , though, to make it a reality.

Our solution

Developing a coaching habit built on solid foundations, all in the flow of work.

  • Real Practice

    Real Practice

    Real-world performance, rather than role play, is critical for learning. So we create real coaching challenges and case studies for managers to tackle.

  • Peer Groups

    Peer Groups

    Inter-personal skills require social learning. So we connect diverse peers who learn and practise together, with expert guidance.

  • Expert Coaches

    Expert Coaches

    We emulate those we respect. So managers are guided by our expert coaches who have been business leaders themselves.

  • Inspiring Ideas

    Inspiring Ideas

    We need motivation to persevere with our goals. So we distil and share inspiring ideas from leaders and experts in diverse fields.

Solid benefits

Sponsor Companies

Improved wellbeing

Higher employee engagement

Better performance

Managers and leaders

Future-proofing yourself

Expert guidance and peer support

Real-world coaching challenge

Managers are busier than ever. Even 1-day courses are hard to fit in without distraction. There's also the problem of information overload and lack of real practice. When did anyone learn a language by just being told about it? A coaching style is a skill that demands systematic and inspired social practice. We've designed the Manageable Experience for busy schedules. We've also based it on the evidence of what works.
  • Who is this for?

    Our Experience is for leaders and managers throughout organisations. We make sure they work with peers and experts, and tackle real coaching challenges matched and case studies.

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  • Who do managers coach?

    Managers coach earlier-career individuals from non-competing firms. Our coachees are nominated by organisations or sign up themselves at no cost. We're proud to be democratising access to coaching.

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