How it works from a manager's perspective

Confident Coach Experience

  • Onboarding and Assessments

    We find out about you so we can connect you to others for guided social learning. You gain insights that boost self-awareness through our Coaching Confidence Survey and Coaching Behaviours Assessment.

    Your Coaching Behaviours Report shows you your pattern of using six different coaching styles compared to what's observed in great coaches. We will help you take concrete action based on the insights.

  • Bite-sized Learning

    We've created a series of learning modules that you engage with in the flow of work because that's where it can be applied. There are no days out for boring lectures. There are no books or obscure articles to read. Instead you get bite-sized content that you digest in the flow of work.

    Alongside the core learning modules, we inspire you to keep learning and practising through our interviews with CEOs from different sectors, talks from world-class experts, insights from must-read books and articles, and exercises for you and your team. Take a peek here.

  • Masterclasses with Peers

    You join a series of masterclasses held at regular intervals to practise and get expert guidance. Imagine practising with peers. Then imagine an expert coach is with you, observing and offering guidance just when it is relevant.

    Positive role models have a powerful impact on us. Hence our experts aren't trainers but business leaders who've become accomplished coaches.

  • Coaching Challenge

    Masterclasses are designed for safe, guided practice. But it's not real enough. So, we match you to an earlier-career individual to put your coaching skills to real use. You offer your coachee up to 3 x 1-1 sessions.

    Coachees come from diverse organisations and have a clear personal development coaching goal. We're working with a number of business partners to bring the benefit of coaching to under-represented individuals who would otherwise struggle to get coaching support.

  • Ask an Expert

    Along the way, you might need a hack or an answer to a specific issues you're facing. We've got you covered. Just send us your question and we will get back to you the very next day usually. It's not AI but HI: human intelligence on tap.

  • Continuous Learning

    To maintain and enhance your coaching skills, we offer a masterclass and an optional coaching challenge every quarter. Not only will this help you stay sharp, you’ll enjoy learning with and from different peers and expert coaches.


What members and sponsors are saying

Nicholas Lawrence

Director of Technology, CloudMargin

"I am a significantly better leader for my team after my Manageable experience. The course was insightful, engaging, and directly applicable to my day-to-day work as a people manager. I firmly believe that a coaching leadership style is the best way to develop and nurture the highest-performing teams. After putting my Manageable training into practice, the results are demonstrably effective. I’d recommend the program to anyone responsible for people management; it has been an invaluable experience that will stay with me for the rest of my professional career."

Barbara Gottardi

CEO, Wedlvr

"From a personal perspective, there are three key takeaways from my experience with Manageable. First, I've benefited from the focussed time spent in the masterclasses and I felt inspired by the quality of the three Coaching Mentors we worked with as a peer group. Second, I have loved the safe environment to test new skills and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Finally, I've enjoyed connecting with a really diverse group of people, helping them and being helped. There was no judgement, just a real desire by everyone to make a difference. From an organisational sponsor's perspective, the Manageable experience offers people the opportunity to connect and learn with others outside their area of work, and it’s great for networking and developing new ideas. It also sends a great message to people, empowering them to develop their coaching skills in a concrete way that fits into the flow of work."

Seden Mutlu

Senior Operational Risk Manager, BlueBay Asset Management

"I found Manageable coaching sessions very useful. I have had coaching sessions before with mentors/mentees being in my own company. What makes Manageable unique and very valuable is that the coachees got paired with coaches outside of our company. This allows the coachee to feel free to discuss any work related topic and gain new perspectives from coaches in another company or sector. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a coachee or coach."

Julian Lloyd-Evans

Chief Revenue Officer, Dennis

“I found it inspirational, thought-provoking and memorable. It gave me the opportunity to become a better coach in a safe environment, working with other like-minded individuals but from different backgrounds and companies.”

Gursheen Anand

People and Culture Business Partner, Partners&

"I found the programme to be innovative and effective. The small group format enabled me to discuss issues openly and honestly. The models and concepts were relevant and practical too. Overall it was an enjoyable learning experience."

Marelize Dau

Director, Asset TV

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it gave insights into my coaching and management style as well as taught me techniques to use with my team. The Masterclasses allowed for time to engage with your fellow students as well as practice the techniques. As each Masterclass was with a different facilitator, I got the opportunity to get insights from each of them and some real life practice with our fellow students. It taught me a lot about myself as well as how I can engage better with my team, especially helping me be a better manager and coach to my team. Some hard lessons realising that there is more than one way to do things! The challenge now lies in putting all this into practice."

Chris Martlew

Research and Content Associate, Spoken

"As someone in the early stages of their professional journey, it was hugely beneficial to be matched with a coach who had a wealth of experience, but had faced similar challenges to my own. Hearing their experience, and how they navigated these challenges, was validating and empowered me to reflect on my own professional journey. My coach was empathetic, engaged and well-equipped to offer practical guidance, that I have since adopted across my day-to-day working life. At what could be a pivotal point in my career, my experience at Manageable will undoubtedly help me to navigate the next chapter."

Richard di Benedetto

CEO, Aetna International

“What's compelling is that while we invest in the core skills of our leaders, we're providing earlier-career talent with access to independent role models. We've had great feedback from members and those who've benefitted from coaching.”

Etienne Bourdon

Co-founder & COO at Qumata

“Self-development is essential for managers, so I read many management books. But a more practical and bespoke approach is required to test & learn the coaching as covered by Manageable. The program forces you to step back regularly and review how to engage with others. It brings tips, a neutral testing environment and the feedback required to learn fast. When interactions happen more and more remotely, the quality of such human interactions is more important than ever.”

Michaela Eschbach

Managing Director, F4S

"I found this to be a really positive experience, it helped me to reflect upon and improve my leadership skills with regards to embedding coaching as an effective tool and base for a healthy work culture. The efficiency of the platform along with the ease of access to the materials combined with the training sessions, and the opportunity to coach a real coachee assisted me in applying all that I had learnt."

Our promise to managers

A manageable, evidence-based experience

    Develop insights into your current style of leading teams

    Leverage your natural tendency to emulate role models

    Enhance learning with the social power of peer groups

    Create new habits through real practice, not role plays

    Gain fulfilment by coaching someone who wouldn't otherwise have access

    Retain and improve skills through ongoing practice