How it works

from a manager's perspective

  • Step 1: Coaching and Values Assessment

    Start your Manageable Experience with insights that will boost your self-awareness. First, your Coaching Behaviours Report shows you your pattern of using six different coaching styles compared to what's observed in great coaches. Second, your Values Compass Report shows how much you're motivated by nine drivers that form a universal values system. We will help you take concrete action based on both insights.

  • Step 2: Foundation Masterclasses

    There are three half-day Foundation Masterclasses held roughly a month apart. You attend these with a diverse group of peers. You'll explore coaching practices and concepts, all geared to develop your coaching habit.

  • Step 3: Coaching Mentors

    You work with coaching mentors in each Masterclass. You also have two 1-1s with your mentor for individual guidance. Coaching mentors have leadership experience and coaching expertise. In short, they're positive role models for a coaching style of leadership.

  • Step 4: Real Practice

    Coach an earlier-career individual to put coaching skills to good use. You offer your coachee up to 3 x 1-1 sessions. Coachees are earlier-career individuals from a non-competing firm. We make sure they have a clear coaching goal in advance.

  • Step 5: Ongoing Inspiration

    Be inspired to keep learning and practising through our interviews with CEOs from different sectors, talks from world-class experts, insights from must-read books and articles, and exercises for you and your team.

    You can peek at what members have access to by clicking here

  • Step 6: Continuous Learning

    After the Foundation masterclasses and coaching challenge, you have the option to work with a new coachee and participate in Growth Masterclasses on demand. Not only will this help you stay sharp, you’ll enjoy learning with and from different peer groups and coaching mentors along the way.


What members and sponsors are saying

Julian Lloyd-Evans

Chief Revenue Officer, Dennis

“I found it inspirational, thought-provoking and memorable. It gave me the opportunity to become a better coach in a safe environment, working with other like-minded individuals but from different backgrounds and companies.”

Gursheen Anand

People and Culture Business Partner, Partners&

"I found the programme to be innovative and effective. The small group format enabled me to discuss issues openly and honestly. The models and concepts were relevant and practical too. Overall it was an enjoyable learning experience."

Richard di Benedetto

CEO, Aetna International

“What's compelling is that while we invest in the core skills of our leaders, we're providing earlier-career talent with access to independent role models. We've had great feedback from members and those who've benefitted from coaching.”

Our promise to managers

A manageable, evidence-based experience

    Develop insights into your current style of leading teams

    Leverage your natural tendency to emulate role models

    Enhance learning with the social power of peer groups

    Create new habits through real practice, not role plays

    Gain fulfilment by coaching someone who wouldn't otherwise have access

    Retain and improve skills through ongoing practice

Have questions?

  • What specifically is included in the Experience?

    There’s a Coaching Behaviours Report from Ashridge Executive Education, the world leading coaching centre of excellence. There's also a Values Compass Report from The Network Lab, our organisational science partner. With these insights, managers join three half-day Masterclasses, all led by coaching mentors. Managers can schedule two 1-1 sessions with a mentor as and when needed. They engage in a real coaching challenge along the way, whereby they coach someone from a different organisation. To inspire them along the way, we share tips and insights from business and thought leaders.

  • How long is the Experience?

    Our flagship Manageable Experience takes around six months to complete. The pace is set by participants. Companies sponsoring managers have the added benefit of being able to nominate coachees at no cost. This isn't just an investment in managers, it's an investment in their teams and everyone who gets coached.

  • What’s the time commitment?

    c.15 hours over six months on average. It really is manageable. This includes: 1 hour for onboarding and assessments, 9 hours of the three masterclasses, 1 hour for the two 30-minute 1-1 sessions with a mentor and finally c.4 hours for the coaching challenge depending on how many sessions you offer your coachee and how much prep you do.

  • Who are coaching mentors?

    They’re professional coaches who also have leadership experience. In short, they’re role models for a coaching style of leadership.

  • Who else is in the peer groups that managers are part of?

    Managers learn in peer groups of up to 12. Peer groups are made up of managers from at least three cross-sector firms. We believe that the diversity of perspectives in each group is critical to learning and development. It’s also much more fun this way and creates opportunities to make new connections.

  • Who do managers coach for how long?

    Managers coach earlier-career individuals from non-competing firms. Coachees either sign up themselves or are nominated by their organisations. They submit a coaching goal before we match them to a manager. They receive up to three 1-1 coaching sessions of up to 90 minutes each. This is a great opportunity for coachees and their firms. It’s also a great way for managers to practise real-world coaching while helping the next generation of leaders.

  • Is there an app?

    We have native Android and iPhone apps available globally alongside a browser-based portal.

  • What’s the inspiration you offer alongside masterclasses and coaching practice?

    Each month we offer fresh inspiration from a few different sources. There are CEO interviews, expert video guides, self-guided exercises and must-read book summaries.