Would you benefit from being coached to grow as a person and realise your personal development goals?

Study after study shows that performance and well-being are boosted through coaching. Why not give it a try, especially as the only investment needed is your engagement in the Manageable Coaching process.

We're on a mission to democratise
coaching by transforming managers into great coaches to others. 

They coach individuals    from other organisations who want to be coached. We organise real-world coaching challenges for managers as part of their development as coaches.

This is where you come in!

How it works
from a coachee's perspective

  • Step 1: Develop a personal development goal

    Suitable goals include those that help you grow as a person, become more self-aware, improve collaboration, navigate organisations and build better relationships.

  • Step 2: Sign up to benefit from coaching

    Once you’ve developed your coaching goal, you submit it through our online form. The more compelling your goal, the more likely you’ll be prioritised for coaching.

  • Step 3: Discover your values and motivations

    To help you get the most from the experience, you complete a short questionnaire and receive your personalised Values Report. Understanding yourself better is a great way to start your coaching journey.

  • Step 4: Work with your Manageable Coach

    You will benefit from one to three confidential 1-1 sessions with your coach. In return, we ask you to give your coach candid feedback at the end of each session. We will ask you about your experience when your coaching sessions end.

Your opportunity

A manageable, enriching experience

    Collaborate with someone impartial

    Diversify your network

    Practise giving and receiving feedback

    Progress your personal development plans

    Understand yourself and others better

    Be inspired by a positive role model


  • What's the cost?

    We offer this opportunity to coachees and their organizations at no cost to them. We can do this because the firms sponsoring managers provide the funding so that their managers can learn through real-world coaching challenges.

  • What's the time commitment?

    It's mainly the time you spend being coached. You will have at least one confidential 1-1 session of an hour or so with your Manageable Coach. If it feels appropriate to both of you, you can benefit from up to three 1-1 sessions in all. Signing up and providing feedback takes as much time as you want to invest.

  • What do I have to do in return?

    All we ask is for your engagement in the process once you've been successfully matched to a coach. They're busy managers taking time out to help you, so it's only fair that you are responsive and punctual. You'll be invited to submit feedback online after your coaching has come to an end. This just takes a minute and helps us to improve and do more of what works.

  • Any other support available?

    As a Manageable Coachee, you get access to the 'Be Inspired' section on our platform. This includes expert guides on leadership topics, tips from business leaders, must-read book summaries and coaching exercises.

Any more questions?

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